Galaxy A12 Review – An Honest Look at the Newest Smartphone From Samsung

Galaxy A12 Review – An Honest Look at the Newest Smartphone From Samsung


Samsung Galaxy A12 has been launched in the UK on 24th December. The phone is manufactured by Samsung and it features a six inch screen with a high definition display, Android interface, Exynos processor, 3GB RAM, a fingerprint scanner, USB charging support, a dual camera setup, and Bluetooth. The phone also features a heart rate monitor, thermometer, camera, and a barcode scanner. Galaxy A12

Many reviews have highlighted the differences between the standard size and the Galaxy A12 Plus model, which is the curved design. The A12 Plus offers a larger screen and is slightly curved, which some people may find awkward to hold. However, the curved design provides a unique look, and also ensures that the phone provides a unique viewing experience due to the way it curves. The phone’s power button, fingerprint sensor, volume rocker, and screen are located in the top right hand corner of the phone, which may not be convenient for some. In addition, the power button may not always respond in a timely manner, especially if you are performing multiple tasks.

One of the best aspects about the Samsung Galaxy A12 review is that the manufacturer has provided an in depth look at the product, highlighting its key features as well as providing technical specifications. This is essential when choosing one of the latest handsets from Samsung, as there are a number of handsets which offer similar features but fail to give the same visual appeal. Samsung has ensured that all of their devices are stylish, easy to hold, and provide a high level of functionality. One feature which most users will appreciate is the pressure sensitive screen, which allows users to scroll up and down the screen with only slight pressure, which is useful when you are trying to send a message or perform another function on the phone.

Another positive point about the Galaxy A12 review states that the device offers a range of media functions including music, video, photo, and games. You can load up the device with thousands of songs and videos from popular digital music services including Pandora, Tunebits, Rhapsody, and iTunes. Furthermore, users can also import their favourite songs and photos, allowing you to listen to them straight from your device’s internal memory. You can also access your email directly from the device, which means that you do not have to visit the internet through your smartphone. A further benefit of these handsets is that they have four cameras, which is helpful if you want to take a group photo of your friends, family members or colleagues.

The Galaxy A12 review continues to mention the excellent battery life of the handsets, which boasts an impressive claim of over twenty hours of talk time, thanks to the mobile phone’s power-saving modes. However, if you do not use the camera feature of the handset, then the battery life will be less. If you do use the camera, then you need to make sure that you download the appropriate apps to enhance the quality of the pictures. In addition, the power-saving modes on the handets can also help extend the life of the battery.

A crucial point in the Galaxy A12 review discusses the difference between the camera and microSD slot. The A-series handsets are equipped with a complete suite of photographic applications, including a live wallpaper that is used to demonstrate the camera capabilities of the gadget, as well as professional photography tools like the Gallery mode, which helps you to save and edit pictures and videos. On the other hand, the microSD card is used to store media files like songs and videos, but it can only hold a limited amount of data, before it becomes exhausted. It is possible that after using the microSD for a certain period, you may require a new one.

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