Things To Ponder Before Purchasing Food-Dispensing Cat Toys

Things To Ponder Before Purchasing Food-Dispensing Cat Toys

Do you want to keep your feline fit and active? If yes; then ensure that you provide her adequate time so that she does not get bored. One thing that can really have a drastic effect on your kitty’s overall well-being is food-dispensing cat toy that assists both physically and mentally while also providing healthy snack to her. Whenever you are not at home, these food-dispensing cat toys can do wonders in keeping your cat not only active but also healthy. But before considering to buy these food-dispensing cat toys it is important to ponder on certain things so that you make a wise decision for your feline:

Durability Of The Toy

The unique thing about providing these toys to your kitty is that she would punish it through rough play. Hence, you need to get a toy that is durable.

Easy To Clean

It is important to select a toy that is very easy to clean. There are certain food-dispensing cat toys that are much easier to clean than others so choose wisely.

Stuff Healthy Treats In The Cat Toy

Remember, you can put in anything inside the toy, but the wise cat owners will only put healthy treats. If you are unsure about a particular brand of treats, then seek help from your veterinarian. He/she will scrutinise your kitty by taking complete health check-up and then determine the number of calories that can be given on a daily/weekly basis so that your pet does not end up getting obese or overweight. Kong Wobbler Dog toy 

Never Use The Toy On Regular Basis

The key to using this toy is to use it sparingly. If you do it extensively then your kitty may refuse to eat her regular meals. Hence, consult with your veterinarian on how frequently you should use this toy.

Never Replace Exercise With Food-Dispensing Cat Toy

Even though these cat toys are considered to be a great way to exercise your cat it should not be replaced with the long-term exercise goals of your feline. Instead you can utilise this trait of mental stimulation through food-dispensing toys with a regular exercise regime. This will not only keep your kitty live healthy and long life, but she will also have proper mental stimulation that will keep her busy with the toy during your absence. Also ensure that she is totally occupied with the toy while you include the treat in the toy so that it gives her an additional incentive to solve the puzzle and get the food.

Once you have taken these points into consideration, it is time to select the best food-dispensing cat toy for your feline. Always take your feline’s personality and skill-sets into consideration while zeroing on a product. In the long run it would help if you get a toy that your feline enjoys and plays for a long time. This would only add a new feather in her life, but also make her healthy and fit again. So when are you planning to get food-dispensing toy for your kitty? Don’t procrastinate as it can make your feline’s life easier.

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